I offer hypnotherapy packages to help you resolve any past issues, emotional triggers, or other obstacles you may face so that you can develop a positive mindset and create positive change in your life.

Energy Healing

I offer 1 hour energy healings in which I combine my intuitive gifts with Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, guided visualizations, and other tools to help you return to your center, gain clarity and clear energetic blocks.


I offer private Transformational Coaching. I help women get clear on what they want, get out of their own way, and take courageous and creative action to achieve the highest version of themselves and live their best life.


Hypnotherapy is an effective way of accessing the subconscious mind to reprogram your belief system, change behaviors, and create a new personal paradigm.


Hypnotherapy can be used to improve any area of life. It's most commonly used to lose weight, quit smoking, sleep better, or for general stress relief.


It's equally useful to increase productivity and concentration, improve confidence and self-esteem, and enhance relationships.


Take your health, relationships, and career to the next level.  Discover your highest self, your guides, your inner wisdom and get ready to achieve easily and powerfully.


Private coaching packages are available to help you create the life of your dreams.  No matter where you are currently in your life, having a coach can help you determine your next steps, get clarity on your goals, and have the confidence to play all out.


Get clarity on your vision.  Tune into your heart's wisdom and discover that there is much more for you than you ever thought possible.  Allow yourself to connect with your DREAM!


Breakthrough your limiting beliefs!  We all carry patterns of behavior and beliefs that we learned from our parents and upbringing.  I will help you to identify the patterns that hold you back and help you release them so that you can move boldly forward in the direction of your dreams.


Having a coach can change everything!  I take a powerful stand for my clients and hold them high in their vision.  My success is your success.  Just think what you can accomplish with a powerful ally in your corner helping you every step of the way!