Hello! I am so glad you are here

My name is Erin Saunders and healthy empowered living is my dream and passion!

I know from experience that the body was created to heal itself and this happens when the right conditions are in place. Giving your body dense nutrition, eliminating toxins, and tuning in to a healing mindset are three necessary components on the journey to vibrant wellness, happiness and abundance.  Add in sunlight, proper rest and relaxation, eliminate as much stress as possible, spending time in nature, exercising regularly, trying new things that inspire you, helping others as often as you can and you have the recipe for Living Your Best Life!

I’ve been searching for and discovering healthier ways to live and heal for the majority of my life. Not only is it my passion but it was completely necessary for my survival. As a 3 time transplant survivor, I have amassed a LOT of crucial information about health and wellness that I am so excited to be sharing with you.

If you have a “whatever it takes” attitude towards achieving your wellness goals and the life you dream of, then Best Life is where you belong!

xo Erin

a few of my

favorite things


Swimming in the warm Hawaiian ocean or packing up for a road trip, spending time with my family is the best!


I love the juicy sweetness of a ripe and delicious pineapple. It always reminds me of being Hawaii.


I love a good pair of flip flops and the relaxed feeling of summertime that goes hand in hand with wearing them.


I don't know what I'd do without my two Cairn terriers, Rosie and Lacey. They bring so much joy to our lives.


I use Flawless Face Daily moisturizer daily to keep my skin healthy and youthful. I love the clean, organic ingredients.

About Best Life Organic Living

Erin Saunders is a passionate wellness advocate and a health and business coach with a background in education and clinical hypnotherapy. She also has extensive training in massage therapy, reiki, Western herbalism, EFT, and has practiced and studied yoga and nutrition for many years. She has explored and experienced first hand many different healing modalities, including naturopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, neuro and biofeedback, energy healing, meditation, working with crystals, prayers, etc and brings all her knowledge and passion together in this website/ blog in order to help others find their footing on their own path to wellness.

If you are ready to truly live your best life, you are in the right place! Every small step, every little effort, towards improving yourself and your health sends a ripple into the universe and allows others do the same. As we change our self and our own lives, we can truly change the world. Thank you for making the small daily changes to help build and grow a better world for ourselves and our future generations.