Six Harmful Effects of EMFs and Other Radiation

We are living in a world of radiation. From the sun to our phones to microwaves and wifi signals, we are surrounded by it. And while many people believe that these things can’t hurt us, there is evidence suggesting otherwise.

Thankfully there are ways for you to protect yourself from this kind of harmful radiation so read on below for more information about what these dangers could do and how you can avoid them.


Harms Your Brain Cells

EMFs and radiation can have a cellular effect on our bodies and brains. Our bodies are made up of cells, and if they are damaged or killed off in large enough numbers, it can cause problems with the body’s overall functions.

Neglecting EMF protection can also harm brain cells by causing oxidative stress within these cells. This kind of damage can cause things like brain tumors and other serious health problems.


Harms Your Sperm and Reduces Fertility (in Men)

EMFs are linked with numerous fertility issues. For example, it has been shown that EMFs can harm sperm enough to reduce male fertility and make it so a man cannot have children of his own. There have also been claims that EMF radiation can cause infertility in women as well.


Cause Cancer

Studies have shown that EMFs can cause DNA damage within the body, and this is a risk factor in developing cancer in the human body.

EMF radiation has been linked to causing leukemia and breast cancer, among other cancers that affect people today. In addition, studies have shown that living close to cell phone towers or other sources of EMF can be an increased risk factor for developing cancer.


Takes Away Energy and Vitality

EMF radiation also takes energy away from you. When your body is dealing with damage or illness, it will drain more energy than usual to fight off the illness. This means that you will have less energy for studying, working out, and doing other things.


Causes Stress

EMFs are linked with stress as well. It is believed that the cellular damage caused by EMFs leads to an increase in cortisol levels within the body. This causes a fight or flight response in many people, making them feel sick and injured even though they are not.


Can Cause Negative Thoughts and Mood Changes

EMF radiation has been shown to affect the brain and how it produces serotonin, which plays a role in influencing mood. Because of this, EMFs can cause these changes within someone’s mind. This can lead to depression and other feelings that cause a person negative thoughts.


Reduce Your Exposure to EMF Radiation

If you are concerned about the dangers of EMFs and radiation, there is a way for you to reduce your exposure. It’s a good idea to invest in some anti-radiation and EMF blocking products in case you are exposed to the radiation.

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Stay vigilant. Stay healthy!


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