Natural Solutions for Inflammation

Inflammation in the body affects every part of life. It causes pain in the joints and muscles, and can affect digestion and movement. Stiff or inflamed joints can cause pain and even resist movement, limiting activities and causing pain. It can be caused by many things, but often treating inflammation begins in what we eat and how we treat our body. Increasing foods that fight inflammation while decreasing foods that can increase or aggravate inflammation, along with increase intentional movement of the muscles and joints will help decrease both inflammation and pain while increasing range of motion.

When inflammation is concentrated on just one joint or muscle it can be treated with spot treatments rather then a change in diet. A paste can be made from ginger and water, applied warm but not hot, and left to dry. This uses heat and the natural properties of the ginger to reduce the inflammation in the joint and the muscle around it.   Minor muscle inflammation can also be treated with a cold compress against the muscle. These methods help the muscles and tendons around the joints to calm and reduce swelling and inflammation. This creates more ease of movement and reduces pain.

An alternative method to reducing inflammation in the entire body is to change how we eat. Adding anti-inflammatory foods to the diet and reducing consumption of foods that cause inflammation can help to reduce all inflammation in the body at once. Foods such as turmeric, ginger, and tea can have anti-inflammatory properties for both muscle, joints, and tendons, as well as the internal organs and digestive system. Foods such as alcohol, some processed foods, red meat, etc can increase inflammation in the body. Foods like ginger, vegetables (especially green leafy vegetables), cucumber, watermelon, etc have anti-inflammatory properties. Increasing water, especially lemon or cucumber water, and decreasing coffee and soda intake can also help with inflammation. A raw food based diet can also be a healthy choice, even replacing one or two meals will help, along with increasing cold foods and food that have high water content. Hot and spicy foods can aggravate inflammation, however, and should be eaten in moderation.

Other methods to reduce inflammation in the body include yoga, and stretching the muscles, to help increase circulation through the body and the muscles, as well as massage and oil massages. Increased circulation in the body will supply enough blood and fluid to the muscles, tendons, and joints, helping them to move easily and well, thereby decreasing inflammation.  Twisting stretches or positions are helpful for inflammation in the digestion system and internal organs.



By making some small changes in lifestyle we can not only treat inflammation as it occurs, but also avoid inflammation to begin with. By adding anti-inflammatory foods, such as ginger, turmeric, raw vegetables, and foods with high water content, while reducing foods like caffeine and hot or spicy foods, we can help control the inflammation of the body before it occurs. Keeping the body moving and the muscles stretched and relaxed can also assist in maintaining a pain free body and low inflammation.

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